Boston is about to become more Green!

Hello Boston Greenies!

If you’ve been in town for a while, you may remember Boston Green Drinks.  You may also have noticed that, since 2009, events became less frequent and consistent.  We noticed too.  We’re the new BGD Steering Committee and, seeing the need for the group to continue, we have re-launched with renewed energy (pun intended) and a host of new services for the sustainability community.  If you are new to Boston or if you hadn’t previously heard of BGD, lucky you!  You’ve stumbled upon a sustainability community that will let you know what’s fresh in the Hub!  If you’re wondering how BGD can help you, we’re dedicating our very first blog post to letting you know.

Connect with the city’s sustainability community

First and foremost, Boston Green Drinks holds happy hour events on the last Tuesday of every month where people in Boston’s sustainability community can connect with others.  These events are a low-key and fun place to unwind after work while meeting like-minded and interesting people.  You can find an always up-to-date list of BGD events at our Eventbrite page.

You can also connect with the community by posting or responding to career development opportunities on the Boston Green Drinks webpage (hot off the presses – more on that later).  The opportunities could include jobs, services and short-term gigs.  For example, this resource could range from a full-time job posting in energy engineering, to a consultant RFR, to a request for a business partner, all the way to a request for writers for your new green news website.  To make this work, people looking for green talent need to submit their opportunities, and talented people need to respond to them.  Check it out now!

Finally, connect with the community in other ways by attending events from the green events calendar on our website.  We want this to be as comprehensive as possible, so if you know of a great event we need to share, e-mail Cameron of the Boston Green Blog and she will add it.

Exchange green ideas

To help the great conversations we start at our monthly Happy Hours continue through the month, we have a few ways for the community to teach and learn from each other about sustainability issues.  The first tool is right in front of your nose!  We hope to build this blog in to a forum to discuss what Greater Boston is doing to be sustainable.  We seek community members with interesting things to say about green business and green living to provide guest posts and we encourage everyone to read what results.   Our guidelines are simple – local, sustainable, interesting, appropriate and informative.  If you would like to submit a guest post, e-mail us!

If you are looking for a more in-depth conversation about the city’s sustainability issues, we are planning a series of more topical events starting this fall.  We are currently looking for partners who want to bring quality programming about sustainability issues to the area.  If you have an idea for a speaker, venue, topic or partner, e-mail us with all the juicy details!  When these programs are announced, you can find them on our website, Eventbrite page or anywhere that BGD broadcasts news.

Promote a sustainable product or service

Let’s face it – creating an engaging sustainability community isn’t cheap.  Because we want to keep our events and services an inexpensive as possible, we are looking for appropriate sponsors for Boston Green Drinks.  We bring together a community of people who believe in sustainable economies.  As a result, we are a qualified audience for sustainable goods and services.  If you are interested in sponsoring BGD activity, e-mail us with information!

We can’t wait for this community of sustainability-minded Bostonians to grow and we thank you for helping to maximize the experience of everyone involved.


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