Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Clean Energy Donations

Editor’s note:  This is a guest post from the team at New Generation Energy.  We at Boston Green Drinks love the idea of donating money to helping clean energy projects advance. 

Lowering your carbon footprint online is quite simple: You go to a website like TerraPass, enter your credit card info, and that’s it! You can take your next trip guilt free. While these offset organizations are phenomenal and help raise awareness about emissions, you have very little control over how your money is used.

New Generation Energy is different.

We run a Green Project Listing Site that features green energy and energy efficiency projects at nonprofits nationwide. It’s similar to a microfinance site but support is in the form a donation rather than a loan, and all listed projects have measurable energy and carbon savings.

In other words, YOU pick the project, neighborhood, and organization your want your carbon offset dollars to go to. And you’re not only lowering your impact on the environment with your donation — you’re also helping a local community go green.

After you donate to a project, we email you your personal carbon savings as well as the dollar amount you saved the nonprofit. In addition, we update you regularly on the progress of the project and include photos and videos so you actually see your dollars being put to work and making a difference.

Some of our recently funded projects include a $21,000 solar panel installation at a school in Sudbury, Mass. that is expected to save 154,343 lbs of carbon over its lifetime, and a $25,000 geothermal installation at church in Tennessee with a carbon savings of 1,809,360 lbs. We’re also in the process of helping a senior center in Minnesota raise $16,000 for a weatherization project, which will offset 325,366 lbs of CO2 and First Parish in Brookline is using our site to raise $8000 for a green project trifiecta. It’s a water conservation and window and attic insulation project that will save about 389,654 lbs of CO2.

These figures are calculated from the organization’s energy audits — or estimates – as well as the latest energy metrics. You can check out more detailed information about a project’s carbon savings on its data sheet.  (Example here.)

In total, our listing site has helped save more than 5 million lbs of CO2 and fund 11 green projects nationwide!

Check out all the projects on the Green Project Listing Site and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

— Bianca Strzelczyk is the digital marketing manager at New Generation Energy. She can be reached at media@newgenerationenergy.org.

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